Hi there! Welcome to Neon-Paw Creations! I am Bethany Earle, a UK based artist and creator, and this is my hub for portfolio work and commissions.

 July 2019 I graduated from University of Northampton, with a 2:1 in Games Art BA (Hons). In my free time I am an avid digital artist and gamer, also now trying my hand at making fursuits. I often take digital art commissions, usually under my art / furry alias of “Kayobe Neon-Paws”. I also help run a telegram group for disabled furs, their carers and friends in the UK called “UK Disabled Furs” with a small team of wonderful people!

Feel free to explore my site and contact me if you have any questions! 


Friends and Furs

As you may imagine, I have some brilliant friends who deserve some honourable mentions.

Firstly, all of the main art and graphics were created by myself, with the exception of a few wonderful photos. These include the main photo on my homepage and a couple other stunning ones of me and my partner in suit. These were taken by a great photographer, Daniel “Noha” Bennett. I highly recommend him if you’re ever in the need of a photoshoot. He particularly enjoys working with fursuiters and cosplayers, and his brilliant work can be found on Facebook at Daniel Bennett Photography.

Secondly I also want to shout out to a long-time friend, Kai who hugely encouraged my art since when I first joined the furry fandom, and was a great inspiration in me trying creating fursuits myself. He’s an awesome guy and I recommend checking out his fursuit business, Swirl Suits, which I also helped create the logo for!

And last but not least I want to shout out my partner, known in the fandom as Makalla. Yes he’s my partner, but also has been a massive help for me and my mental health, and I wouldn’t be here with a website without him! He’s a charming guy and is rather entertaining, often streaming games on Twitch. I without hesitation encourage you to tune in at some point to his channel, MakallaPoimanUK, and watch him flail around in Beat Saber or terrify himself in some horror game!