Terms of Service

By purchasing a commission from me you are automatically accepting the following Terms of Service. Failing to abide with these terms could result in a refund and being added to a blacklist.

**ALLERGEN WARNING: Although I try to prevent contact between our pets and suits / materials, we do own a cat and cannot guarantee work will be entirely cat-fur free.**

  1. All prices and payments are in GBP. If you require a conversion, feel free to ask; all conversions are subject to change due to fluctuating conversion rates. My conversions are always done via Google’s currency converter.
  2. All payments are made via PayPal. The commission form does request your PayPal address so I may send you an invoice. If you have any questions contact info@neonpawcreations.com.
  3. All payments are to be made upfront. Payment plans are available for custom fursuits, however a non-refundable deposit must be paid.
  4. You must be at least 18 years of age to commission me. Be prepared to send across some sort of photo ID if requested.
  5. Please use the request form when commissioning a piece of art or fursuit. By using this it ensures I receive all the information I need about commission you’re requesting and can therefore provide the most accurate quote.
  6. Clear reference sheets are required for all commissions. This excludes reference sheets, character designs or artistic license suits. This means at least two full views at a high enough quality and size to extract colours from. Please be aware that colour substitutions may be required for suits as not all colours are available, and therefore it can be difficult, even impossible to make exact matches.
  7. All commissions are taken and completed using a slot system. I will only accept a commission if I have a slot free. Please check my Trello to see if I have a slot free. Lack of payment within 48 hours of claiming a slot will result in you losing your place.
  8. I do not work with deadlines. It can take from a couple days to a few months to complete commission, depending on how busy my queue is and personal factors such as chronic fatigue and acting as a carer for my partner. Life factors take priority.
  9. I will update with WIPs as and when I require feedback. Feel free to ask for WIPs at any time, however do check my Trello for progress updates first. In plain English, please do not harass me for updates.
  10. I will draw most species and content. This includes humans, ponies, Pokémon and most SFW and NSFW content. I will not however draw hate art and certain NSFW themes including some extreme fetishes and extreme gore. Feel free to ask any questions regarding content if you are unsure.
  11. I will action a refund upon request if a commissioner decides they no longer want a commission. Commission work is my main source of income so refunds may not be received immediately as I may not have to funds at that moment in time. There will also be a point in progress toward the completion of a piece where it cannot be discontinued or refunded due to the amount of work put into it. This point will vary depending on what kind of art is asked for. Fursuit deposits are non-refundable.
  12. Once a commission is complete I cannot make edits. I may give an exception in the case of reference sheets and fursuits, though can only make minor edits. If so I may charge a small fee for the work.
  13. Please do not use my fursuit work for sexual activities. Whist I cannot control what you decide to do with the things you purchase in your personal life, I do not condone my work being used in activities of sexual nature. I put a lot of time and effort into these creations. If I have any reason to believe you are using my work in this manner you will no longer receive any further help with your fursuit, including but not limited to repairs. You will also be placed on a blacklist and will not be able to request any further commissions from myself. This includes both fursuits and art.

I have the right to decline or discontinue a commission if;

  • A commissioner is rude, overly demanding or behaves inappropriately.
  • A commissioner has at least one unresolved beware against them.
  • Not all of the required information for a commission is provided or information has been provided incorrectly, such as not being given in the correct format.
  • You have previously failed to pay for a commission request without warning three or more times.
  • I feel uncomfortable with the content requested.
  • Character references are unclear, such as a low resolution, inappropriately coloured (e.g. shaded references).
  • Characters or ideas are stolen or require copying or tracing another’s ideas or art.

In the event of a commission being discontinued, a refund will be given and any work toward said commission will be recycled as YCHs, adoptables or pre-made suits. If a piece is discontinued due to behaviour or art theft then no refund will be issued and a beware may be put up against you.